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Woodside Ferry, Birkenhead
Photo Galleries - Woodside Memories

Welcome to my Woodside Ferry Galleries pages.  Woodside Ferry is in the town of Birkenhead on the Wirral Peninsula in North West England.  In 1984-85, the old ferry terminal buildings and landing stage were replaced by new facilities.  These pages record some of those changes in pictures.  Photos taken within the last few years have also been added.

Woodside Exhibition
Several of the photos on these pages were featured in an exhibition within the old Booking Hall at Woodside.  The exhibition was launched in December 2006 and continued until many of the facilities in the old Booking Hall were closed in 2007.  Almost 30 of my photos were on display.

Introduction A page with a brief history of the facilities at Woodside and some background to these pages.

Part 1
The old ferry terminal with photos taken just as the renewal work was beginning.  Now with over 40 pictures. Changes, page 1

Part 2
Photos illustrating the dramatic changes that took place in 1984-85 as the old ferry terminal and landing stage were  replaced by completely new facilities. Changes, page 2

Old Light The old light, disused for more than a century and tucked away behind the old terminal buildings also underwent major changes in the 1980s.  This page has a selection of photos taken before and after the changes. Old Light page

Recent Photos taken more recently of Woodside Ferry Terminal, all since 2000, including a small collection of night photos taken in December 2006. Recent photos page

Entrance Hall The shell of the old Booking Hall was the only part of the old buildings to remain.  It had been completely refurbished inside and in 2006 included a cafe, gift shop and tourist information centre.  Sadly during 2007 all of these were closed.

This page has photos of the old Booking Hall today including some of the Mersey Ferries Memories Exhibition of 2006-07 which featured several of my photographs.

Entrance Hall page with photos of the Mersey Ferries Memories exhibition

The Photos
A few details about the pictures.  All the old photos from the 1980s and 1990s are scanned from prints.  The quality of the scans is dependent upon the size, sharpness and colour balance of the original prints.  A few photos that I scanned several years ago (those with a blue or red border) are being progressively replaced, with just a few remaining.  Newer scans are all 800x600 pixels and are about 80-150 KB.  Photographs from recent years were all taken with digital cameras.  Clicking on a picture will open the larger version in a new window or or a new tab, depending on your browser (e.g. new window with IE and Firefox and new tab with Avant).

The Ferries
The 3 ferries in the current fleet were all originally owned and operated by Birkenhead Corporation on the Woodside service.  The Woodchurch pictured on the left ca. 1984 is now the Snowdrop, the Overchurch is now the Royal Daffodil and the boat on the right pictured in 2005 is the Royal Iris of the Mersey,  previously the Mountwood.

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