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If you would like any prints or if you wish to use any of my images, please get in touch.

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About Me

This website belongs to Brian Tuohey.  It reflects my interests in photography and local history with a series of gallery and information pages.  This website is not set up to offer any sales directly, but if you'd like any prints, please do get in touch or take a look at my other sites:

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I have long been interested in photography, after getting my first camera on my 18th birthday, more years ago than I care to remember.  It wasn't too long before I upgraded to an SLR camera and I continued to use it until I finally entered the digital age about 2002, and my main cameras are now DSLRs.

Today, I enjoy many aspects of photography, including scenery, sunsets (sunrises too, if I get up early enough), animals and plants, and macro photography.  Currently, I particularly enjoy using photography to support another of my interests, local history.  This website aims to provide a mix of material that reflects both of these interests.

I am currently looking to get part-time into some professional photography and photo sales.  This includes:

  • selling prints and other related products of stock photographs already in my collection
  • licensing the use of my digital images
  • taking on specific freelance photography jobs evenings and weekends
  • supporting the work of established photographers where they need another photographer or "second shooter"

I have photographed a friend's wedding and several other events including a new year's ball, a birthday party and a Christening, and have been asked to photograph more.  I have also photographed public events and prints of a few of these are available for purchase through my photo sales site.

I have contributed to photographic displays, provided images for community and church websites, some of my photos have been used by my employer in promotional material and on websites, and I have taken photographs specifically for a number of local organisations.

Local History

I can't remember exactly when I first became interested in local history, but it certainly started when I was at school and has stayed with me through the years since then.  I have a large collection of old books and maps relating to the areas of interest to me.  Currently I am very interested in the local history of Birchwood in Warrington.

I realised many years ago that local history doesn't just mean researching the past, although of course that is a big part of it.  It also means recording the changes that are taking place today, and recording remnants of the past as they are today.  Once a change has taken place, it always amazes me how quickly we all forget what it used to look like.  This of course is an ideal match for someone who also enjoys photography, which explains why one of my main photographic interests is anything connected with local history.

So that's the website.  A way for me to express my interests in photography and local history, and perhaps to lead to some sales or bookings as a photographer.  As you can probably tell, my skills do not extend to modern website design, although my other site below is professionally designed.

Portfolio:  (opens in a new window)

I hope you enjoy visiting the galleries and information pages at 2E Images and my other sites.


Updated 22/08/16