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All photographs on these pages are the property of Brian Tuohey unless otherwise indicated.

They may not be re-published in any form without written permission, but may be downloaded for personal use.

If you would like any prints or if you wish to use any of my images, please get in touch.

Please do not link directly to pictures or image pages.  Links to gallery pages are welcome.



2E Images from Brian Tuohey
Ownership and Use of Photographs


The material on this website is protected by copyright.  Pages, text and photographs on this site may be downloaded (i.e. saved) and printed for personal use only.  They may not be published or otherwise reproduced in any form (printed, electronic or other) or used commercially without the permission of the website owner, Brian Tuohey.  Photographs and images published on this website are the property of Brian Tuohey unless otherwise stated.

Social Media

In recent years, local interest sites have become very popular on social media, especially on Facebook.  I am a member of several of them.  Sometimes, photos are copied from other websites without the owner's permission or knowledge and "shared".  This is in breach of copyright law.  My position on this is as follows:

If you are sharing any of my photos from this site on social media (or elsewhere) the photo must be shared WITHOUT MODIFICATION.  It must include my details and my copyright information.  If you do not agree to this, DO NOT SHARE THE PHOTOGRAPH.  By taking and sharing any of my images from this website you are agreeing to these terms and conditions.

Using Photographs

Whilst I wish to protect my work from unauthorised copying, I will be pleased to discuss your requirements if you wish to make use of any of my photographs or other content, or if you think you might be interested in my work generally.

I have not been working commercially, but I am interested in selling licences to use images commercially and in selling prints of many of the photos on this website and on my other site (link opens in a new window).  I will also take photos as a freelance photographer, both locally and of specific events such as parties.  I have some experience in this area.

Linking to this Website

If you wish to add a link to this website from another web-page, you are welcome to do so.  I recommend that you link either to the front page of the site or to one of the sections or gallery pages.  Please do not link directly to any image pages where a larger version of a single image is displayed, or directly to any images.

Images on this website, including thumbnails, should not be embedded (“hot-linked”) into other web-pages, blogs, forums, social networking sites, etc.  I have taken steps to stop this whenever I become aware of it.  It is a breach of copyright and uses up bandwidth.  If you wish to use one of my images, including thumbnails, please contact me.

This website works with several different addresses (domain names).  The main name that I use, which I recommend for any links, is

Contributing Images to This Website

There are a small number of images on this site where I do not own the copyright.  Wherever copyright is owned by another person or organisation, this is always indicated.  In all cases, permission has been obtained for the use of the image.

If you have an image that you think might be of interest on this website, please contact me.  If it is used, I will be pleased to acknowledge you as the source.


Updated 22/08/16