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Moelfre Lifeboat Day 2010

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Moelfre Lifeboat Day 2010 took place on 14th August.  After a cloudy start, it brightened up through the afternoon, ending up hot and sunny.  The lifeboat crew had a busy day.  The all weather boat Robert and Violet launched at 1 pm for the event which included an air-sea rescue display, but before it could be winched back into the lifeboat house, it went out on a rescue mission.  After refuelling, just 20 minutes after being winched up into the lifeboat house, it was launched again for another rescue callout.



The photos below show were taken throughout the day, from the festivities before the launch, the launch itself and the air-sea rescue display, the boat in the bay right next to the beach, bring winched back up into the lifeboat station and finally another launch as the crew respond to another callout.

Click on any of the images to see a larger version.  The larger photos are all 810x540 pixels and have been cropped and significantly reduced from the originals.  The originals were shot on a DSLR camera at 15 megapixels.

The Launch
Always spectacular, the Robert and Violet as it is released down the slipway into the bay.

On The Water
The Tyne class all weather boat Robert and Violet after the launch and during the display.

The Inshore Rescue Boat
The D-class inshore rescue boat Enfys as it was launched.  The two RNLI inflatables made sure that the launch area remained clear of onlookers in pleasure craft.

RAF Helicopter and Air-Sea Rescue Display
The RAF helicopter appeared immediately after the launch for an air-sea rescue display.

In The Village
Some of the festivities including the Batala Bangor samba reggae band, the crowds and the boat by the beach later in the afternoon.

Returning to the Lifeboat House
The first few pictures show the inshore lifeboat Enfys returning to the station.  A little later, after having been called away to a rescue, the Tyne class all weather boat Robert and Violet also returned.  After the boat was manoeuvred into position, the cables were attached and then tensioned before the boat was pulled up the slipway, pausing before disappearing into the station so that the communication equipment could be lowered.

Another Rescue Mission
Just 20 minutes after having been winched back up, the boat was launched again on another rescue mission.  These pictures record the launch from our position near the Seawatch Centre.



I am happy to release photos to charitable organisations including community groups and local and national organisations such as the RNLI and local branches.  Please get in touch if you are interested.


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